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Ameriplus began in 1959 as Crest Chemical Corporation producing, Jonny Blok Toilet Bowl Deodorizer, Closet Fresheners and Rug N Room deodorizers. In 1990 Ameriplus was established to become the sales and marketing division of Crest Chemical. Our goal was to expand distribution to the major food chains throughout the United States. We utilized new product introductions, private label packaging and product acquisitions to accelerate that growth. A short list of our current customers is Walgreens, Harris Teeter, Dollar Tree, Ingles, MDI, Brookshire Brothers, Grocers Supply, Price Chopper, Bozzutos and Federated Group.


Our goal is to offer quality, National brand equivalent products for private label or control label purposes. Since we are a small privately held company we are able to offer, "Tailor Made" products and or programs for our customers. This enables Ameriplus to become an integral part of our customers business plan.


Our commitment to growth resulted in a number of branded products and new concepts including Mister Plumber Drain Opener, Jonny Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Mist & Go/TIle Plus Show & Mildew Cleaners, Solutions Fabric Cleaners, and our newest product Oxy Pine combines the power of oxy action with a great smelling pine cleaner. These products continue to strengthen our position in the household cleaning and air care categories.


Our future lies in our commitment to be a major supplier of corporate brand and controlled label programs. We are continually offering new products in these categories to strengthen the position of our customers in the marketplace. With the growth of the Dollar store channel, Ameriplus offers a "A Store-Within-A-Store Dollar Program" for grocery outlets that would like to be competitive with the national dollar store chains.


Our mission is to offer a full line of quality, national brand equivalent products in the household cleaning category for our customers.
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